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Lincoln Speedtec 500SP Package with BONUS Helmet and Welding Jacket

$10,980.00 inc. GST


  • 500SP
  • LF56 Wire Feeder
  • Cart
  • 10m interconnecting cables
  • Powercraft 360 4m gun
  • Input cable 5m (requires 415V 32A plug)

Plus BONUS Powercraft welding helmet and jacket!

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Lincoln Speedtec 500SP Package with BONUS Helmet and Welding Jacket


New SPEEDTEC® 400SP and 500SP are the third generation multi-process power sources offering superior quality welding and high efficiency processes which increase the productivity and are the next step into the future of professional welding. New SPEEDTEC® range designed with the latest energy-saving inverter technology and specially rugged construction are ready to work in even the most demanding environmental conditions. Modular system: power sources available in two versions 420A@100% and 500A@60% with a choice of separate wire feeders, standard LF52D for basic use or the advanced LF56D for more demanding applications, new cooler COOLARC® 60 with higher cooling efficiency, new 4-weels cart with very solid metal made construction plus wide range of connection cable and accessories fits perfectly with the needs of the most demanding welding applications in various segments. Behind the outstanding welding performance, SPEEDTEC®’s platform based on digital communication system and with build-in communications tools, such as Ethernet or USB, allowing an accurate traceability and monitoring of your welding activities


  • High duty cycle multi-process power source
  • High Efficiency Processes (Speed Short Arc™, Soft Silent Pulse™, High Penetration Speed™)
  • MECHAPULSE™ produces very high quality welds with rippled seam appearance.
  • Modular concept to build configuration for any requirements
  • Double-side fully potted PCB with superior resistance for dust, humidity, jerk or vibrations
  • VRD functionality

What’s Included

  • Input cable (5m)
  • Work clamp and cable assembly (3m)
  • Gas hose (2m)
  • Chain
  • USB with Operator’s Manual
  • Spare fuses (2x2A / 1×6.3A / 1×12.5A)


Product Weights & Dimensions

Dimensions (H x W x D) 550 mm x 295 mm x 625 mm
Net Weight 54.5 kg


Machines Processes Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P)
Max Rating 500A
Open Circuit Voltage 65V

Basic Specification

Input Voltage 400V
Input Current 32A
Input Hertz 50/60 Hz
Input Power 400V/3/50-60 Hz (±15%)
Input Phase 3 ph
Mode Icon CC/CV
Output Range 20-500A
Polarity DC
Rated Output 500A@60%


Warranty 3-year warranty + additional 2-year upon product registration



Lincoln Speedtec 500SP Package with BONUS Helmet and Welding Jacket