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Cigweld Arcmaster XC20 BlaX Welding Helmet

$80.00 inc. GST

Elevate your welding experience with the Arcmaster XC Series. Upgrade to the perfect combination of comfort, clarity, and cutting-edge features. Don’t settle for anything less. Choose the Arcmaster XC Series and unleash your welditude.

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Cigweld Arcmaster XC20 BlaX Welding Helmet



Introducing the Arcmaster XC Series, a range of welding helmets that takes your welding experience to new levels. With a selection of helmets ranging from the Arcmaster XC20 to the top-of-the-line XC70, each step up in the series brings a host of enhanced features and an expanded viewing area, ensuring unrivalled performance and optimum clarity.

Ultra View

Enjoy an expansive and clear view of your workpiece with our large viewing areas. Our helmets are built with enhanced clarity and Colour recognition with Ultra View Technology, enabling you to achieve precise and accurate welds every time.

Xtra Clarity

Experience welding like never before with our Quad 1/1/1/1 Optical Clarity rating. The crystal-clear optics of our helmets allow you to see your work with unparalleled precision and accuracy, making every weld a masterpiece.

Great Efficiency

Experience lightning-fast switching speeds with the Arcmaster XC series, allowing for seamless transitions from light to dark and vice versa. You won’t miss a beat, increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Optimal Visibility

Adjusting to different welding applications is effortless with the Arcmaster XC Series. Our helmets come with a variety of shade range options that all offer optimal visibility and protection for various welding processes, guaranteeing your eyes are shielded from harmful arc rays at all times.

High Responsivity

For the ultimate in sensor technology, most of our helmets boast 4 sensors, ensuring quick reliable detection of the welding arc to make your job easier. And for the pinnacle of performance, our top-tier helmets feature a 5th sensor with OptiShade Technology, that automatically adjusts shade level based on detected light transmittance from your weld.

Unparalleled Reliability

We stand behind the quality of our helmets, which is why each Arcmaster XC Series helmet comes with a minimum 2-year warranty**. Combined with a high impact rating, our helmets provide the ultimate combination of durability and protection. All CIGWELD helmets are put through rigorous Australian & New Zealand Standards, ISO and EN-Standards testing#, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.

Extreme Comfort

We understand that comfort is key during long hours of welding, which is why our helmets are equipped with a range of comfortable harnesses. The Arcmaster XC20, XC30, and XC40 welding helmets include a lightweight 3-point harness system, whilst our XC50 and XC70 feature 4-point and 5-point harness systems, ensuring a secure, personalized, and ergonomic fit that minimizes neck strain and fatigue.

Conveniently Handy

Each helmet* in the Arcmaster XC Series comes with a handy bag for convenient storage and transportation. Protect your investment and keep your helmet safe and secure when not in use.

XC20 Features & Benefits:

• Essential level welding helmet
• Quad-1, high-definition optical viewing rating (en379- 1/1/1/1) approved to as/nzs: 1338.1
• 2 arc sensors, excellent for all welding processes, including tig down to 10 amps
• Variable shade 9-13
• Adjustable sensitivity and delay, fast reaction time
• High impact rating for grinding to as/nzs: 1337.1
• 2-year warranty

Viewing Area
95 x 36mm = 58.5mm2

Arc Sensors

DIN Rating
Quad-1 (1/1/1/1)

Shade Range

Switching Speed

Harness Points

Analogue Controls

Ultra View

OptiShade Technology

Impact Rating
High Impact

Grinding Shade

Gradual Mode

Memory Mode

Power Up
Non-Replaceable Batteries

2 Years



Cigweld Arcmaster XC20 BlaX Welding Helmet