A Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) is a portable, belt-mounted filtration system designed to effectively protect the welder from workplace respiratory hazards by removing harmful welding fumes. The award winning Adflo powered air respirator is established as the Australian welder’s PAPR of choice, with thousands across the country making the upgrade to powered air.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider upgrading to a Speedglas welding helmet with Adflo PAPR.


1. Welding unprotected can cause cancer

Since welding fume was reclassified as “carcinogenic” in early 2017, the study of short and long term effects of welding fume exposure has continued to develop. Most notably, a 2019 statistical analysis concluded welders have a ‘43% increased risk of lung cancer regardless of the type of steel welded, the welding process (…) and independent of exposure to smoking.’1.

This confirms what many welders have long suspected: that exposure to welding fume can result in severe health issues including multiple types of cancer.

It should also send a clear and important message to the industry at large. Welding fume is serious, so action is required.


2. Superior protection

With the right filters, the Adflo PAPR helps effectively protect you against both particles and gases… all in one system. This kind of all-round protection is a rarity in the market, with many respirators lacking any form of gas filtration.

Furthermore, an Adflo PAPR system can provide up to 5 times the level of respiratory protection offered by disposable or reusable half-face respirator masks. The Adflo unit has a Required Minimum Protection Factor (RMPF) of 50, meaning the air the welder breathes in will be 50 times cleaner than they would otherwise breathe unprotected. To put this in perspective, a disposable or reusable half face respirator has an RMPF of 10.


3. You can keep your beard!

It may surprise you to hear that if you are a proud beard owner and are required to wear a disposable or reusable respirator at work, you may not be getting the respiratory protection you think you are. Negative pressure tight-fitting respirators such as disposable or reusable respirators require the welder to be clean-shaven, where the respirator’s sealing surfaces touch their face.

This means as impressive as your facial hair may be, it could be compromising your health. The good news: with powered air respiratory protection, you’re free to let the facial hair flow thanks to the positive pressure seal keeping the pollutants at bay.


4. Cool and comfortable welding

A steady stream of cool, clean air is delivered to the welder’s breathing zone, helping to keep the welder more comfortable in hot and humid conditions. Breathing is made easier as there is no breathing resistance, further increasing comfort and reducing fatigue.

What’s more, the Adflo PAPR goes where the welder goes. Its slim, lightweight profile makes it easy to navigate around tight spaces over long periods and maintain both your protection and comfort throughout.


5. Built to last

Welders have the option of choosing either the standard 8 hour battery, or a heavy-duty Adflo battery which offers up to 12 hours continuous protection. This ensures you can stay protected even when working a longer shift!

Plus, if you forget to charge your battery at the end of the day, the new Lithium-Ion Adflo battery charges from 0-80% capacity in just one hour!

Do you weld with Adflo PAPR? Why not check out the range of Speedglas Welding Helmets with Adflo PAPR, including the NEW Speedglas G5-01 heavy-duty welding helmet!