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COMET 3 Seat Cutting Nozzle, Oxy/LPG


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CIGWELD has a long established relationship with Koike Senso in Japan. Koike has developed a world-wide reputation as a leading manufacturer of gas cutting machines. Much of this reputation stems from their ability to manufacture cutting nozzles of the highest quality specifically for use with cutting machines, for example koike high speed cutting nozzles are a divergent type with a stainless steel insert screwed into the tip end of the cutting oxygen port. This maintains a constant high quality cutting performance that also improves nozzle life up to 5 times that of a conventional nozzle.

If you would like to learn more about this product, please check the features and specificationss, or alternatively, please contact us directly on our customer service line: 02 4274 6488

Gas Type: Oxy/LPG

Plate Thickness: 5-10mm

Tip No. Size: 0

Cutting Speed: 600-550mm

Cutting Pressure (oxy/kPa) 210

Pre-heat Pressure (oxy kPa) 200

Fuel kPa 20

Kerf Width 1.3mm

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