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WAKATAC Proban Welding Jacket with Chrome Leather Sleeves


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Made of WAKATAC® Proban® in the body section and Chrome Leather on the sleeves which offers additional protection and durability. The WAKATAC® CS jacket offers a great balance of comfort and protection with extra durability in the sleeves. The front Hook and Loop® closure makes it easy to fasten and the extended back offers additional protection when bending over.

Proban® front and back protection
Chrome leather sleeves
Longer length at the back for extra protection
Hook and Loop® side closure
Lightweight and cool
Extra durability in sleeves

WAKATAC® welding apparel is made from premium WAKATAC® 320gsm Proban® a flame resistance 100% cotton treated with Proban®.WAKATAC® Proban® welding apparel is cool, comfortable, 100% flame resistant and ideal for medium-duty welding applications.

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