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  • The COMET 3 blowpipe, when used with appropriate attachments, is suitable for fusion welding, braze welding, brazing, soldering, heating, hand cutting, sheet metal cutting, rivet cutting, powder facing and flame cleaning. The COMET 3 blowpipe, when used with...

  • The CutSkill blowpipe presents a budget priced alternative to the COMET series. Like the entire range of CIGWELD’s gas equipment products, these quality blowpipes are manufactured to stringent internal engineering standards The CutSkill blowpipe presents a...

  • BOC blowpipe is ergonomically designed to improve manoeuvrability and comfort: use it like an extension of your hand for everything from delicate welding or cutting jobs to heavy duty applications. BOC blowpipe is ergonomically...

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